Available Positions

Ph.D. Position in Integrated Structural Design and Advanced Manufacturing

PSL is looking for a full-time, talented Ph.D. candidate to start in Fall 2021. The position will be fully funded, and the candidate will have a chance to participate in the current cutting-edge research projects in the field of structural design and robotic fabrication at the Polyhedral Structures Laboratory. PSL is an interdisciplinary research lab researching at the intersection of architecture, structural engineering, computer science, mathematics, and material science. PSL intends to further the geometry-based structural design methods, and the primary objective of the lab is to reconcile function, form, and fabrication techniques for the design and construction of efficient structures in various scales.

Eligible candidates

We are looking for applicants who are interested in integrated structural design, computational methods, and robotic fabrication techniques. The prospective candidate will research geometry-based structural design methods and innovative fabrication techniques applicable to construction industries. Programming, additive manufacturing, and robotic fabrication experiences will be an asset.

Interested in the following Research topics
  • geometric equilibrium principles in the structural design of efficient systems
  • robotic fabrication/additive manufacturing for the design of spatial composite structures
  • artificial intelligence in the design of lightweight structures
  • biologically-inspired structural systems

Applicants should apply for the Ph.D. program in Architecture at the School of Design. For further information on application materials please visit the Graduate Admissions at PennDesign. 


December 14th, 2020
For more information, please contact masouda@upenn.edu