Available Positions

Design Research Position in 3D Printing Carbon-Absorbing Concrete Structures

There is a unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge research related to concrete 3d printing using a novel carbon-absorbing concrete mixture. Besides, this cross-institution collaboration is a unique opportunity to grow your network (see the list of institutions involved in this project). We are looking for a full-time, talented postdoctoral candidate to participate in our cross-disciplinary collaborations. A qualified candidate must have:

  • strong computational design and analytical skills;
  • robotic fabrication skills for prototyping and interest/experience in concrete 3d printing technology;
  • a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in Architectural Technology, Structural or Mechanical Engineering (based on the order of preference); and 
  • an ability to lead multiple design research and construction projects. 

The candidate will involve in the development of both hardware and software technology for 3d printing carbon-absorbing concrete. Thus, background or experience in robotic fabrication, costume design, and modification of end effectors would be ideal, but it is not necessary. In addition, the ability to work with complex geometries and familiarity with computational design and optimization methods to address structural and fabrication concerns is quite valuable. 

The ARPA-E program funds the project, and more general information about the research can be found in the following link

The position will start in September 2022, and the timeframe for the project is two years. The postdoctoral candidate will participate in cross-disciplinary research and collaborate with multiple other specialists in the field of robotic fabrication and construction and material science. There is no teaching obligation for this position, and the emphasis will be on research development.

You do not need all the above skill sets to apply for this position. The deadline for this position is July 15th, 2022. Please send your CV and cover letter to masouda@design.upenn.edu.