Dr. Mostafa Akbari

PhD Researcher

Mostafa is a computational designer and researcher with a background in Architectural design and computation. He is currently a PhD candidate at the Polyhedral Structures Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania. He has graduated from Master of Advanced Architectural Design from Weitzmann School of Design for which he received the highest merit-based scholarship based on excellent qualifications. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Tehran and a Master of Architecture at the University of Shahid Beheshti. His research interests consist of structural form-finding using three-dimensional Graphic Statics and its application in the design of Shellular Minimal Surface structures. He also has a wide range of experience in Digital Fabrication, computational design, and human-computer interaction. He tries to explore contemporary architecture’s nascent opportunities to rethink tectonics and construction methods within design due to be aligned with the convergence of innovative developments in robotic fabrication, computation, and material science. He has collaborated with renowned international Offices such as Gensler as a designer and researcher and also has design and construction experience as a freelance architect. Currently, he is a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Pennsylvania in collaboration with Polyhedral Structure Lab.