Origami/Kirigami for Shellular Fabrication


Shellular Funicular Structures (SFSs) are single-layer,two-manifold structures with anticlastic curvature, designed in the context of graphic statics. They are considered efficient structures applicable to many functions on different scales. Although their geometry is quite complex, they consist of planar faces that facilitate their fabrication. This research introduces a computational algorithm for translating a Cellular Funicular Structure (CFS) to a Shellular Funicular Structure (SFS) and explores a fabrication method using the origami/kirigami technique. Building the structure out of a flat sheet of material will reduce the construction costs and wastes and extend the use of the systems to large scales.



The authors acknowledge support by National Science Foundation Future Eco Manufacturing Research Grant (NSF FMRG-CMM 2037097 and the National Science Foundation CAREER Award (NSF CAREER-CMMI 1944691). Moreover, the authors are grateful for an inspiring discussion with Prof. Shu Yang from the Material Science department at UPenn.